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Best Baby Products of 2019

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Having a new born means constantly cleaning your baby! From puke to poop, we’ve got you covered with the best products to keep your babe squeaky clean.

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Best diapers

Of all the diapers I tried, and I tried a lot, Pampers Swaddlers have continued to be my favorite. They fit my baby well, don’t leak and don’t smell when he pees. Best of all, as my baby has started sleeping through he night, I haven’t had to use any overnight diapers. The regular swaddlers work great! If you do like overnight diapers, however, Pampers has those, too!

Best wipes

Pampers wins again with their sensitive wipes. I highly recommend getting the refill packs with the pop top because believe it or not, breastfed babies can sometimes go weeks without pooping. If you’ve already opened a pack of wipes and your baby is on a pooping strike, the pack will dry out pretty quickly without the pop top.

Best diaper cream

A+D is my favorite diaper cream. It prevents and treats diaper rash and the smell is tolerable, which isn’t true for many other diaper creams. The ingredients are also gentle enough that they can be used for other skin irritations. A+D is also a favorite of mine because it doesn’t contain zinc oxide, which can actually irritate your baby if it gets on some of their more sensitive private parts.

Best diaper pail

You will be amazed at how many diapers your baby goes through a day and they STINK! The Munchkin Step Diaper Pail keeps the stink away, and even has Arm & Hammer Pucks you can use to have your pail smell like lavender or citrus. There are a couple of options for bags, but I recommend the Snap and Seal refill bags.

Best soap

The best baby soap actually doesn’t contain soap at all. It’s the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. Baby skin, especially newborn skin, is so sensitive that even baby soap can irritate it. If you’re trying to treat baby acne, use water on your baby’s face, but Cetaphil on the rest of their body. Follow up bath time with Cetaphil moisturizer.

Feeding Essentials

Breastfeeding comes with some unique challenges, especially in those early weeks. These are some essentials that make the experience a little bit easier. If your baby is using a bottle, there are a couple of items in this section that you’ll want, too.

Best nursing pads

The Lansinoh Stay Dry Nursing Pads are my favorite. They’re pretty big, but I found that I needed that, particularly when my supply was trying to regulate, or when my baby started sleeping through the night. Many disposable nursing pads are itchy, but these ones are soft and comfortable.

Best relief for sore nipples

You’ve got to get some gel pads and keep them refrigerated, if possible. The pads are reusable and and really do make a big difference.

More relief

Even if you don’t get the gel pads, you’ve got to get some lanolin cream. Medela’s Tender Care Lanolin Cream is a personal favorite. It’s safe for breastfeeding, and will also come in useful to ease the discomfort of pumping.

Best bottle for breastfed babies

Just when you’ve got the hang of breastfeeding, you’ve got to teach your baby to eat from a bottle. This can be stressful for nursing mothers because the last thing you want is a baby to refuse the bottle or worse, prefers the bottle and goes on a nursing strike. Mams bottles are great for breastfed babies. Be sure to keep the slow-flow nipples. Breastfed babies won’t need to size up. These bottles even self-sanitize!

Best sanitizer

Speaking of sanitizing, it can be such a hassle to sanitize bottles and pumping parts, especially if you’re traveling or doing anything that takes you outside of your home. I’ve tried everything from boiling water to microwave sanitizing systems, and even went as far as buying a sanitizing machine. They all work and have their good and bad sides, but when I’m in a pinch, I always use the Medela Sanitizing Spray.

But remember, New Mama, these are just things. As long as your baby has your love, food, diapers and a safe place to sleep, you’re doing it right.

XO Nicoll

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