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How to Choose a Halloween Costume for Your Baby

“Halloween is in two weeks and I still haven’t picked out a costume for my baby. Help!”

Good news! There’s still time. First Halloweens are fun, but don’t pressure yourself to pick out the perfect costume. When it comes to babies and Halloween, practical is best. Here are some tips:

Check the weather

Not only the weather, but what your plans are.

Do you have older kids that you’ll be taking trick-or-treating? If so, baby may need a warmer costume, or one that can fit a coat underneath.

Live somewhere warm? Then those fluffy, warm costumes may overheat your beach babe.

If you plan on staying inside while your baby is in costume, you have more flexibility, but should still remember that babies overheat easily, so nothing too warm.

Avoid costumes with tails

Baby dinosaurs and other costumes with tails are cute, but don’t expect your little monster to stay in costume for long. If your baby can’t sit up on their own yet, you’ll have to hold them the entire time they’re in costume. If they can sit up, you will still need to take the costume off for car seats, high chairs, etc.

Consider buying a Halloween onesie

You already know to always have a spare set of clothes in the event of a blowout or puke. But why not make it one more festive?!

Halloween onesies can be found at reasonable prices, and you’ll be thankful you have one when your baby is tired of wearing their costume. The onesie pictured below was purchased at for less than $10.

Buy online from a company you know

Prefer to buy Baby’s costume online? Do it! But keep in mind these tips:

As tempting as it is to take advantage of Prime and buy your baby’s costume from Amazon, proceed with caution.

Sizes can be hard to determine when buying online, especially if your baby is right around the 6-month mark, as many costumes come in either sizes 0-6 months, or 6-12 months. Buying from a company whose sizes you’re already familiar with can help avoid ending up with a costume that’s too big or too small.

Double check the shipping time and availability of the item. With two weeks left until Halloween, there is still time to get your costume shipped, but verify where it’s coming from and how soon the company can get it shipped. In September I ordered a Halloween costume that was Prime eligible on Amazon, but didn’t realize until after it shipped that the costume was coming from China (I’m in the US) and would not, in fact, be delivered that week. One month later and I neither have the item, nor am able to track it.

Companies like Carter’s and Target have some really cute costumes that generally ship quickly. They are also pretty good about letting you know when items are out-of-stock, so you’re not ordering costumes that won’t ship right away.

Don’t use face paint

We’ve all seen the adorable and hilarious Pinterest photos of babies sporting cute whiskers or funny mustaches for Halloween…don’t do it. Baby skin is extremely sensitive and face paint can not only irritate their faces, but can be difficult to wash off. You also have their busy little fingers to consider…fingers which will surely be in their mouths, rubbing their eyes, and smearing the makeup you so carefully applied.

Enjoy costume hunting and be sure to take lots of pictures! Remember – think practical.

XO Nicoll

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